What’s going on?

Just wanted to post a little update of my life,not just for you to read but also for me to look back on.

I’m currently in sixth form Year 13 probably the most hectic year of my school life right now.Just completed my first round of mocks two weeks ago and get the results on Monday ekkk.I do both btecs and a levels and my btec exams I have already passed but I get another chance in January to improve them.So nervous for that.Then I have mocks again.My real a level exams are in May and I can’t even explain how nervous I am it’s like I know nothing aha.

So there’s a little update on my life not that anyone cares ahah.

Cant wait to finish this journey and hopefully get into university even though I don’t know what I want to do in uni when I’m writing this.

Also if you have exams which I don’t think most of you do but good luck with whatever you’re doing x

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading!

Generally do want to get my blog on track once my exams are done.And also come back on Twitter.

Planing to come back for good next year!

(This is a scheduled post)