Happy new year! And happy new decade :)

Wow how is it 2020 already.

New year,new decade!

Let me just start this random blog post off with happy new year everyone hope you have the best year!

So I know I don’t post regularly but I just wanted to post this for myself to read back on.But I would really appreciate it if you read on.

I can’t believe how quickly 2019 went.At the end of every year people talk about the achievements that they have made.However I would say that 2019 wasn’t the best year for me.Nothing special really happened I guess we’ll compared to 2018!

Anyways my point is I want 2020 to be one of the best years of my life.However I do have my A levels and I’m already stressed but I know that a lot is coming.Im very scared and nervous but I can’t wait to end sixth from and get into university (hopefully)

I never revised for my GCSE’s and honestly till a few weeks ago I didn’t revise for A levels but I’m trying my best and hoping that I succeed.I’m not the smartest person and I’m not good at revising I’m a really bad procrastinator but hopefully that will stop for this year ahah.

So started this year with mocks when I go back to sixth form ahhh.

At the end of my A levels I’m going to post more regularly as I never have.So hopefully 2020 is the year for my blog too.

I really would appreciate the luck,wishes and prayers for my A levels as I really need it!Thank you

Stay tuned for my journey.

Thank you for reading

Author: mymindandweirdlife

18 & Aspiring blogger

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