World moyamoya day

World Moyamoya day?

You may be thinking what moyamoya is.In short it is a rare brain disease that affects one in 100,000 people.I am one of them.I not sure if I’ll be keeping this post up however because it is world moyamoya day I felt like this would’ve been the best day to share that I have this condition.Im not doing this for any sympathy or anything in return however I said to myself that my blog would be about “my mind and weird life” and this is something that affects my life.I have much more to say about this like how I’ve had surgery and stuff but will only post if you would like to know more because I’m ready to talk about it and was scared for a while because it makes me seem different.I wanted to post this last year but I couldn’t.However I’ve always wanted more people to know about it because it is rare and hopefully this will spread awareness.

Also I know I haven’t posted in a while but I didn’t want to regret this chance again and wait another year.

Thank you for reading,please comment if you would like to know more or follow me on twitter for any questions (

ps.this is a scheduled post,I currently have exams again x

Author: mymindandweirdlife

18 & Aspiring blogger

3 thoughts on “World moyamoya day”

  1. So happy right now because you put up a new post! I’ve never heard of this condition, and I am so happy that you decided to share this part of your life with us! It’s not easy sharing these personal and intimate parts of our lives! I would love to know more about this condition, I believe you can help spread awareness.

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